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'll forever be the united states of america and together with god's grace we'll continue our journey forward . >> i so wish i had been fulfill your hopes to lead the country in a different direction but the nation chose another leader and ann and i join with you to earnestly pray for him and this great nation. thank you and "god bless america". >> gretchen: that was live on the folks news channel . welcome to the post election coverage. president obama winning the electoral and popular vote and including of the battle ground states. florida still too close to call right now. people voted late in the night and officials still ned to count the absentee ballots. >> steve: hispanics in colorado voted three-one and giving him colorado. he also took the state of iowa 52-46 for romney. >> brian: we thought that was going to be closer. all important state of ohio. this was neck and neck . it was the bellweather. union household incrosed support to the by five points . not a surprise. comny won north carolina which obama took last time around. mitt romney was able to grab. virge rirge and florida isn
. >> asking for a price to be paid for congress to do its job and insure that the united states of america does pay the bills is deeply irresponsible. it was deeply irresponsible in the summer of 2011 and deeply irresponsible if we were to see that kind of approach taken again. >> something new in the proposal. they want to continue to raise the debt limit on their own unless two-thirds of lawmakers say no. >> gretchen: do you remember on this program yesterday where we said this is not a deal. what is proposed is not a deal. a definition of deal, both sides give something, right. this is not a deal, folks. this is one party asking one party to do one thing and the other party said by the way we'll not do anything about responding cuts. >> steve: when somebody goes in they low ball. and the administration is high balling had here. and the president has been talking about a balanced approach and revenues and tax cuts and you know, revenue cuts . there was none of that there. how unserious the proposal and it is the opening. nothing will get done for two weeks. mitch mcconnell burst into lau
leadership america is about to come roaring back. >> president obama went to colorado where he's in a very close race with governor and he won the state four years ago. >> this is not just a choice between two candidates and two parties, it is a choice of two visions for america. it is a choice between a return for the top down policiless that crashed our policy or the strong growing middle class base policies that are getting us out of a crisis. >> so both president obama and mitt romney will be hop scotching and landing in swing state after swing state. governor romney will campaign in florida and new hampshire and ohio. and president obama will travel to florida and ohio before going back to his home. >> brian: do you think florida will be close? there were problems with a polls . the judge ordered the polling location to stay open four hear worries. and another polling location people waited six hour to fix the problem. incredible. phil don't we have the voting thing down yet? >> yeah, you know the republican led legislature and republican governor changed early voting this past sessio
and friends". >> gretchen: >> steve: good morning america, it is election day and the polls are open. it is so exciting. president obama and republican challenger mitt romney closing out a hard fought and expensive battle for the white house. voters facing a choice between two different visions . number one concern is the economy and which of those two guys will fix it in the next four years. >> gretchen: as we speak the polls are opening. connecticut, vermont and virginia and new york . very first votes cast in new hampshire . polls open there in midnight. and dicksville notch voters splitting it down the middle. five for president obama and five for mitt romney and 50 time ever there. and in another new hampshire village. obama won with 23 votes and mitt romney received nine and libitarian gary jaunce one vote. >> and that is the way it will be all day long as the race is really close. >> steve: both candidates in a virtual tie according to the polls. look at these guys. live in chicago where the president just arrive will watch the ballots come in. and phil keating in the swinger state of v
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. gitmodetainees. are they coming back to america now. or feinstein said possibility. the story came to light after fox news turned up a document. feinstein's office put it on line. that was his first executive order when he was elected president. he said he would close gitmo. it is still open. abbas's turn to ask for palestinian statehood. expected to get his wish . he wants palestine to be updated to a nan member observer state. it would provide international recognition for palestinian control over areas that israel captured in the six-day war. >> said many times that the path to a two-state solutionn that fulfilled the aspirerationn of the palestinian people is through jers lemm and ramallah and not new york. >> israel is saying it will not return to negotiations after the vote. >> brandd new details lurking in the train crash that kill would four wounded warriors. the railroad crossing only gave a 20 second warning that the train was coming. it is supposed to be 30 seconds. and the driver of the truck entered one second after the crossing guards began to lower. >> you are about to see a photot
hearings. america is the big loser here. we lose two military minds who have the respect of those were in the military. >> gretchen: don't forget. >> brian: allen is in the place for a while. >> gretchen: we don't know if he will resign. don't forget general mcchrystal and you factor in the last three years what happened with the top level generals it is amazing and because he gave the interview to rolling stone magazine that was derogatory to president obama. jill kelly, when she went to the e-mail and got e-mails, it turns out e-mails were not threats. they were not i am going to get rid of you. they were in most situations bleak and not that threatening they never thought it would turn into anything criminal and so why? >> steve: the answer is broadwell and petraeus set up a g-mail account and this is the same technique used by terrorist and cyber crime people and drug dealers and what they do. they set up a gmail and both people know the pass word and they write on a draft and save the draft and they communicate that way and when the f.b.i. started to look into the hreats, they rea
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. it is monday. i am gretchen carlson. hope you had a great weekend. america's top spy and war hero david petraeus caught in a covert affair. and the second woman who tipped off the f.b.i.. >> steve: thousands of new yorkersn the dark after hurricane sandy. what does the long island power authority tell those people. they say go to the website. the debacle just gets bigger and bigger and brian kilmeade could talk about that but instead will talk about meat. >> brian: one of our nation's largest city declaring meatless monday. put down the burger. "fox and friends" starts now. >> steve: hi, folks, live from studio e. it is "fox and friends" on the day we observe veterans day. and a lot of offices are closed to salute the day. >> brian: there is not many stories that could knock the president's reelection out of the headlines. >> gretchen: are you assuming it would not be told after the election. there are many allegations regarding david petraeus. as you heard he resigned on friday after having an affair with paula broadwell who was his bigrapper. she had gone to west point and harvard and
thanksgiving to america. >> brian: meanwhile coming up next on the show. affordable care act not so affordable to doctors. they will be asked to do more with less cash? a doctor with an answer next. >> this guy begs for mercy. it is what he does next that has police stunned. ♪ ♪ >> alisyn: time for quick head linings. 23 year old michael watkins is under arrest in connection to the beating death of a monkey. a second suspect will probably not face charges. there is no motive for the attack. drug driving surpassed drunken driving. a study found that 30 percent of deadly car accidents involved drivers on drugs. 14 percent were under the influence of alcohol. we'll go over to steve. under president obama's controversial health care law. doctors are supposed to be slashed by 27 percent come january wobst. they will have to do the same work for 27 percent less money. that will force some doctors out of business. we'll talk to this guy in the school of medicine and author of new book called unaccountable and what hospitals will not tell you and how it will revolutionize health care. >> that is t
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an unclassified briefing. >> gretchen: she is a spokes person for the united states of america and she has an unclassified briefing? i guess you could argue in the slimmest of margins that you wouldn't want to scare the american people and hide what was really going on and say it was another terrorist attack. >> there is one problem with the whole debate. the day before susan rice went on the talk shows, on the 14th. leon paneta secretary of defense with the defense department said it was a terrorist attack. defense saying it was terror and intelecommunity and state department say it was response to a movie. they are all trying to take the attention away from president obama got in air force one and flew to las vegas and did a fund raiser instead of staying at home. >> brian: and cost him no votes. >> gretchen: it will be interesting to hear what general pettigrew has to say. cheers turned to screams in a parade. a train slammed into a bus in midland, texas. >> gates started to come down and the truck trying to blow the horn and gates hit the first poem on the - people on the trailer. he p
set america can't get enough of. "fox and friends" starts. action. ♪ "fox and friends". >> alisyn: good morning, we have breaking news for you. there is chaos in the streets of tel aviv after a bomb ripped through a bus near the military headquarters. at this hour at least 10 people are wounded. the conflict in the middle east raging on as violence in israel and gaza enters the eighth day and talks of a cease fire remain up in the hour at this hour. >> steve: peter doocy is live in dick dc. peter -- we'll start with you, first. >> secretary of state hillary clinton is working with both sides here, trying to make a deal. she's been in jerusalem meeting with israeli prime minister netanyahu and in ramallah meeting with palestinian president abbas. everything about the meetings suggest that secretary clinton is working to a solution that ben 50s the israeli and palestinian and keeps civilians on each side safe moving forward. >> in the days ahead, the united states will work with our partners here in israel and across the region for an out come that secretary for the people of israel
card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> steve: gary johnson the libitarian party's presidential nominee earned the most in his party's history. it came as the expense of republicans. did johnson cost romney the election? people think back to when ross perot cost george her bert walker bush the election . what sort of the damage did gary johnson do to mitt romney? >> there is no evidence that his votes came from mitt romney . he took votes from romney and obama . he got a million two votes and fell short of the five percent you node to get your party federal funding to become a permanent funding. i know how teddy roosevelt felt when hoe became a moose. >> steve: herman cain signatured it was time for a third party. the two parties are not fixing our problem. >> it is simple they are for deficit spend patriot act and war on drugs. despite the rhetoric they are almost identical. >> steve: but they are different on social issues. gary johnson talked about legalizing pot and explains in washington state he had one percent and in colorado, he wound up with 1.3 percent o
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. what is brewing in america is going to be enough and plenty to lift mitt romney up . >> gretchen: being what else was brewing was hurricane sandy. what will the be of the storm and people getting out to vote or do you think it will change the way in which people vote? >> i think it possibly could. you look at common wealth of virginia our great governor did a terrific job of handling the storm and we were not hit as hard as new york and new jersey. gretchen, i share the outrage you and others at "fox and friends" had what is happening in new york city. i actually, my boss used to be rudy guiliani a metropolitanor of mine and he would not stand to have bodies in staten island. where is the federal government and michael bloomburg cozying up to president obama saying climate change is why he is epidorsing him? it is preposterous what is happen no one except folks news is reporting it. >> gretchen: thank you, we'll see you soon. coming up next, not exactly a report. one of the people on the jobs counsel throwing his support to mitt romney. head honchos are about to show the support for pre
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announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. welcome back everybody. embattled un ambassador to the susan rice. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi. i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was prelimary and that our investigations would give us the definitive. i have request for senator mccane ask his service for our country and i always have and will. i do think that the statements about me are unfounded and i look forward to having the opportunity to discuss all of this with him. nbut does this do more harm than good when it comes to her chances of being next secretary of state. pete, it sounds diplomatic. but did she seal her fate from becoming secretary of state. >> she sealed her fate when the white house trotted her out to be the defender and chief recovering up what happened in benghazi. went out and talked about a youtube video and you have the head of the cia david petraeus saying it was clearly a terrorist attack. t
. what is different now? >> what is different now, america had invested in 50 years in tyranny to make sure israel was suppressed and the america protected. when arab spring came. people including senator graham predicted just a secular democracy and it was a arab spring of secularism. people will turn in a time of turmoil to their faith or what they believed in for a thousand years. we have governments in libya where our people were killed and now in egypt that are going to support their breathern. >> brian: what is the best conclusion and best way to end. >> i am one that believes war should burn themselves out and not get involved in the middle of it. you get blamed by both side and it will start over again. i think it is a tragic mistake for us to be involved. we have no idea there. but let the thing take course. >> brian: would you go with ariol sharon's son which said the only resolve is to steam roll gaza? >> that is up to the israeli. they don't right to exist. but they have a right to defen themselves. what the israelis are facing because of the arab spring they are not able t
: welcome back sally jesse. which country is more free. united states of america or canada. ruments of a survey. the results are stunning. >> gretchen: more and more men say they will never get married. so what? the reason? women are not women anymore. last time i looked they were. the story has everyone talking. ♪ ♪ >> steve: you may be free but not as free as you think. the new report on fiscal liberty to which the states in the union are able to engage. we have a senior fellow with the independent institute that joins us. good morning to you, benjamin. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: great to have you. we have people in all 50 states watching right now. what is the good news for the people of the united states of america? >> good news is not coming out of this report, steve. this report what it shows over the last five years, economic freedom in the 50 states declined half a point which translate in reall standard of living differences. we find a one point increase associated with a 13,000 per person increase in income. we are talking about real losses and 7000 per person c
was there photo after bin laden was taken out, but then on the pages of some of america's major newspapers, the classified details of the operation were not leak out. they were pouring out. that was within a day or two. now we're seven weeks into this scandal and they've completely zipped their lip. >> peter: i was watching twitter yesterday as the president was talking down in south jersey with governor christie and he was talking about people not being left behind and i saw a lot of tweets out there, people saying, well, did we leave behind our people in benghazi on september 11? >> steve: to give us some of your comments, here is a tweet from liz who says, they only push what benefits them. >> gretchen: and from hank in new york says what i see is christy leading the president around by the nose, making his decisions for him. if obama had consulted him before libya, lives might have been saved. of course, that's based on the fact that the president was visiting new jersey yesterday with the republican governor, chris christie. >> peter: hurricane sandy wiped out entire towns along the n
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)